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Madrasi presents Mr. Local Episode 3, “En Uyire Piriyaadhey” - a mini Tamil web series. Mr. Local video is a love web series starring Galatta Guru on the Madrasi channel.

Divya loved a guy who had a past of dating many girls. His father went into jail for a crime. But, he lies to Divya to win her heart. What will Divya do when the truth about the guy knocks at the door?

Will she be able to accept him with his? Watch the full video of Mr. Local and share your comments.

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Episode 1 Link 👇🏻

Episode 2 Link 👇🏻


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    4.56 don't use bad words🙏🙏

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    Eishhhh.. cheating.. inthe boys🤦‍♀️

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    மிஸ்டர் லோக்கல் வீடியோ எபிசோடு எட்டாவது எபிசோடு எப்ப போடுங்க

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    Chennai slang 4:52

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    Super singing sister u vavar level

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    Bad words 🤣🤣🤣

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    4:55 is 18+

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    Kind attn the following file sent using my name in Tami you have received in online class at this stage it was played with

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    New channel open

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    Galatta guru anna looking so cute😍

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    I am always sport your team. So frighting team members. Good night and sweet dream.

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    Galata guru when will you upload mr local part 4

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    Pregnant gallata

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    Next part 4

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    Bro please do not use bad words at this time 7:38 because more children's are seeing I am also small boy I am 5th

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